Why I do what I do: Reason #1

This morning I had two encounters that reinforced in a very happy way why I do what I do. I received an email from a co-author this morning with whom I have previous work history at a company at which I contracted and he was my onsite supervisor. He now  runs his own consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations implement Microsoft Teams in a way that truly and deeply improves they way they communicate and collaborate.

Way back when we first worked together, his company was migrating from Google Suite (now Google Workspace) to Microsoft 365. I introduced him to Teams. At that time, the organization had no plans for a rollout of this app, nor any realistic migration of its SharePoint environment to Teams, where it made sense to do that. He was intrigued by Teams and later implemented it for his work team. They completely eliminated email among the team and leveraged the power of Microsoft 365 to make them better at what they did.

Boldly (and perhaps a bit egomaniacally), I thought, “Hey! I did that!” OK, I didn’t do the hard stuff, but I helped inspire a colleague to go on and do great things. His practice is booming and he’s really happy doing this work.

Next, I got onto a video call with a speaker pal who sought my help in understanding how PowerPoint can do screen recording and how to cobble together into a video course from that. During the call, it became clear that doing this another way was probably better. In that part of the discussion, she shared with me a new feature of Zoom that may really change the way I do my video content.

This morning, it was her courage, generosity and willingness to share something new with someone who she thought “knew everything” that was the best part of the call!  I imagine that in my earlier days (read: young and cocky), I might have felt my nose a bit out of joint, being sought out for advice which turned out not to be what was actually needed and learning something new, myself. Now, in my “more mature years,” I was totally jazzed by it. And I thought (again, a little egomaniacally), “By being the ‘cool mom’ and staying approachable, I was able to make someone comfortable “sharing up” to someone who they normally go to for help.

Inspiration feeds on itself. I’m very grateful to know smart people! This is a good day. I am inspired.

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