Who needs this? You can Google all this stuff!

How much time are you willing to invest in that "how to" search. And, if you should find what you're looking for in that time, is it right? How do you know? Is it correct for the version of the app you have on the platform in which you work? Do you have to listen to annoying ads, first (and everytime you have to refer to it again or restart it)? Can you understand what the individual is saying. Are they communicating the instruction in a way you can follow? Or, are they simply a know-it-all? Can you ask a question and get a timely (or any) response?

Do this math for me. Multiply your annual salary by 1.3. This is a rough guess what it costs your organization to employ you at that salary. Now, divide that by 2080. That's a per hour cost for your time based on a full time schedule. In the case of someone who makes $100,000(US) a year, this amounts to $62.50 an hour. So, if you spend an hour trying to find good quality instructional information about this thing you want to do, and you make $100K a year, it costs $62.50. If you're bound and determined to keep searching until you are sure you have the right thing and can do it, we're now at $125.00.

As you know, it's a roll of the dice whether or not you will find the thing you need and learn it in a way that makes sense to you. So, if you were unsuccessful, your company has invested perhaps $125 for nothing. And, now you're frustrated and have to make a trip to the snack machine, or wherever you can grumble without causing alarm.

On Sawbuck Seminars, for $10 plus that hour of your time, you can learn a skill you can do AND access to the instruction for 30 days AND be able to ask questions directly to the instructor.

"But, how do you know what I want to learn?" Tell me! Join one of our social media groups in Linkedin or Facebook and post your question. If you already follow me on social, tag me and let me know that way. That's where I get my topics!

C'mon you've spent $10 on tacky souveniers and bad coffee! Spend your sawbuck on our Sawbuck!

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