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CC, BCC or To Line - Which is right for what?

5 October 2020
Noon UK | 7 AM Eastern US

Email has a decent chance of arriving at your recipients inbox if they’re in the To line of a message, but it's not always appropriate. CC is used for everything from directing someone other than you or the recipient to take action, but also for “cover and coercion.” BCC was originally used to hide names of additional recipients for good and not so good reasons. But, it is also used to send the same email to multiple people without disclosing their email addresses. Some of these are right, some not. Attend this session to make sure you’re using these fields correctly and with the greatest impact.


Work From Home Gotchas: Are you working securely?

12 October 2020
Noon UK | 7 AM Eastern US

Clean desk policies and sensitivity to what is on the screen have, for many, relaxed since a large part of the workforce has moved to a work-from-home or community co-working environment. But, should it? Not really. New guidelines are needed for those working where others who have no business knowing your business might be. Everyone in the coffee shop might not be a criminal, but you should be held accountable for protecting company information, even at your kitchen table. Attend this session and find out how to work securely, no matter where you are.


New Scams, Spam and Clickbait

19 October 2020
Noon UK | 7 AM Eastern US

Scammers, spammers and clickbaiters have been busy. Everytime you think you have it figured out, a new way of stealing your personal data, company information or your hard-earned cash pops into your inbox and on your social media feed! Can you tell the difference between an earnest appeal for your help and a message designed to take advantage of you? This session takes a look at what’s new in the scammerverse and how to avoid being taken advantage of.


Google Forms and Microsoft Forms: How to and Why

26 October 2020
Noon UK | 7 AM Eastern US

There are any number of apps out there to collect information from colleagues, clients, customers and prospects. But, did you know that these tools are included right in the productivity platforms you use every day and for no additional cost? Learn how Microsoft and Google have made forms easy to create and distribute. They also make accessing the data collected a snap! Learn how these two tools work and how you can use them to make data collection and analysis a minutes-long rather than an hours-long process.