Melissa Esquibel, MCT MOSM

Melissa specializes in transforming those confused by technology into empowered users of their software tools. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with more than 25 years in business application technology, Melissa has a unique ability to make learning programs enjoyable AND valuable. Melissa’s consulting career spans banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy and insurance, which allows her to provide real-world examples and applications. She has enabled everyone from rocket scientists to real estate brokers to put the “productive” back in office productivity software. Melissa graduated summa cum laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Legal Studies. Want to know more? visit her website

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Lucy Brazier, CEO Marcham Publishing 

As CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine – a global training magazine dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals - Lucy works with the best trainers of Executive Assistants from around the world to deliver the most up to date training in the market. Lucy has been a Publisher and Events Organiser for 30 years. She has previously worked as a Publishing Director for Wilmington PLC, and managed a team based in Singapore, New York, Germany & London responsible for 13 magazines, 12 international conferences, awards, trade show attendance and marketing for EMAP. Want to know more about Lucy? visit

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