OneNote Wonders – Tags and Follow-ups

Recently, on a Facebook group, someone was looking for ideas on capturing actions following a meeting. There were several good suggestions. I suggested OneNote using tags and the Find Tags tool. Here is a companion video to this post. The video is shown in the desktop version of OneNote. You will be able to do some of this in the online or lite version, but not all of it. If you only have the online or lite version, which is also used for Mac, reach out to me in the comments here or in the original FB post if you were a part of it and I’ll try to help.

OneNote Online and Lite
After creating your notebook and a page for your meeting notes, here’s how it would work.

Each time you have an action item you would press enter to create it on its own line. It’s also helpful if you

type the person’s initials out front if you know it at that point in the meeting. If you don’t, you can begin with a ? mark.

ToDo Items in OneNote

It’s also helpful if you include a time stamp, this will help later in sorting action items. The shortcut is Alt+Shift+T, but if you want to make it easier. Go to the Insert tab, find the Time button, right click and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. Now, it’s just Alt followed by 4. Don’t hold the Alt key, just tap it. Before moving out of the item, press Ctrl+1, or click the To Do tag. After you get the hang of it. I’d suggest practicing before the meeting. It’s quite fast.

Now, for the summary. In the Tags group, just to the right of the To Do tag, you’ll see a button labeled Find Tags. Click it. Now, on the right you’ll have a summary. Sort it by tag and it will sort in the order of the person’s name and the time stamp. If you wanted to, at the bottom right, you could click Create Summary Page and Email that page to whomever is interested.  However, please delete this page once you’ve sent it. Otherwise it will create duplicate items.

If you share the notebook with those who have follow-up items, they can click tag summary, mark their items off as they complete them. When you refresh it, you’ll see what’s been done and what’s still remaining. If you really want to get fancy, you can have them add to the end of the item a time/date stamp, so you know when it got done.

There are other ways to do this using custom tags, if you’d care to explore. But this method is probably the most portable from platform to platform.

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