We could be wrong, but at least we won’t be annoying!


That said, email inboxes fill up daily with unwanted messages. You may even have unwanted email from people with whom you'd like to stay in touch. Maybe you even open them just because you know they're relying on that action to portray success on their marketing campaign statistics. And, you want them to feel good about themselves. Did you read it?

You probably spend more of your valuable time than you'd care to think about separating the safe unsubscribe links from the unsafe ones, then unsubscribing, blocking, and deleting. I do.

Email Marketing

Would I prefer not to get it in the first place? Yes. Would I miss some valuable opportunities? Yes. So, here's the thing. I get why it's done and why it's annoying. In my opinion, email marketing isn't bad or good, it just is. But, it is not what we do at Sawbuck Seminars.

At Sawbuck Seminars, I'm endeavoring to market without mail. I'm paying attention to what you're asking about on social media, listening for others saying, "Me, too!" I'm trusting that people will realize the value of having their how-to questions answered by professionals rather than spending their valuable time combing through search results, wondering whether they REALLY found the RIGHT answer, or just the musings of some wannabe ex-spurt. Some of the answers I see people offering out there evoke strong emotions in me, from a gentle head shake in disbelief to a full blown, "WHAT IN HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" (edited for a broad audience)
I may be wrong about trying to market without email. But, I'm giving it a shot. 

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