Webinars for $10

We engage on social media and find out the skills you need to support your work processes. So, both definitions sort of work for us. We offer targeted, deep, specific topics like, how to create a fillable form in Word or setting up a Facebook group. For your 1 hour and $10 investment, you'll be able to do an actual thing right after the webinar. You can participate in the live session or purchase limited time access to the recording (or both for $15). Q and A after the session happens in our social media portals, where you may also suggest new topics. You may also submit questions before the session on social, too. Some of these will be answered in the webinar, remaining ones will be aggregated and answered in our LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Upcoming Webinars

Hey! Where'd you go?

We learned something from our first launch this past summer. And, now we're taking all of that and your feedback and relaunching Sawbuck Seminars in January 2019. Stay tuned. IT. WILL. BE. EPIC.


What We Don't Do

We don't harvest your contact information for any reason. You want to engage with us? We're available on social media. Simply request to join our LinkedIn or Facebook groups and your IN! When you click to register for a webinar you are directed to a secure payment portal. Then, you receive your registration information in a day or so.  All information is removed from our systems 30 days from the last webinar for which you registered. We don't use it for anything except to send you receipts or pass along the link to a recorded session if you buy one. That's it. No spam, no pop-ups, no stalking. I mean we like you, but we're cool with personal space.

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The point is...

In order to keep doing your job well, you have to, as Stephen Covey said, sharpen your saw. Now, there are many ways to do this, conferences, classroom-based learning, self-directed training modules, even other webinars. You should do all of them or at least some of them. Why should you include us? When what you want to know is something very specific, a thing that makes you say, "Just show me the steps to complete this thing I need to do!" that's us.  How do we know what you need? Because you'll tell us! That's how we source our topics. We don't create things and spend time convincing you that you need it. We ask you what you want and do that. All we need to do is determine that there is a large enough group that feels the way you do and we'll do the thing.

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Next Steps...

Check out our upcoming titles. Register for what interests you and then engage with us on social to tell us what else you'd like to know about. That's it. That's the whole enchilada!